Основные группы мышц и их функции за 3 минуты + глоссарий

Отличная песня, в которой представлены основные группы мышц.


The skeletal muscle system is ready to contract,
It’s there when you need to fight and also to react,
You have around 640, but there’s no need to fear,
We’ll cover all the main ones – from your front to your rear!

There’s the trapezius muscle, from your neck down your back,
This muscle has three portions, so let us discuss that!
Superior, middle, inferior – that is what they’re called!
And around your shoulders, is where they are sprawled!

The deltoids top the shoulders, and each splits into three,
Anterior, lateral, posterior fibers as you can see,
These muscles help you lift your arms up into the air,
So you can wave your arms around like you don’t even care.

The biceps is a flexor, made up of two sections,
The short and the long heads, almost like reflexions.
The triceps is an extensor, with three bits you can see,
These are the lateral, long, and the medial heads actually.

Your two pecs help move your arms and they are on your chest,
Know that these muscles come in pairs, like weights that are bench pressed.
The pectoralis major lets you move your humerous,
The minor muscle lifts your ribs, as you’ll know if you are studious.

The rhomboids on your upper back let you dance your best,
The minor above major, remember for your test!
Your lats can be seen behind, always by your side,
Of all of your back muscles, these are the most wide!

The obliques help you rotate, and are found along your sides,
Beneath the external, the internal oblique hides.
The rectus abdominis, which are often called your abs!
Everyone has a six-pack, though sometimes under flab!

Glutes are the largest muscles, located on your rear,
Your glutes will help you to climb stairs without any fear.
The three gluteal muscles are maximus, medius, minimus,
So make sure when you study, that you are not oblivious.

The quadriceps has four muscles, which help extend your knee,
It’s found atop the femur, shown here as you can see.
Vastus lateralis, intermedius, medialis
Together with the fourth, called rectus femoris.

The hamstrings are leg flexors and they have three muscles,
Biceps femoris, semitendinosus, semimembranosus,
Finally your calf muscles – the soleus and gastrocnemius,
With lateral and medial heads, which find cycling strenuous.

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Опорные слова


• trapezius muscle (superior, middle, inferior) — трапециевидная мышца (верхний, средний, нижний пучки);
• deltoids (anterior, lateral, posterior) — дельтовидная мышца (передний,
средний [боковой], задний пучки);
• biceps (short and the long heads) — двуглавая мышца плеча, бицепс (короткая и длинная головки);
• triceps (lateral, long, and the medial heads) — трёхглавая мышца плеча, трицепс (латеральная, длинная и медиальная головки);
• pec — пекторальная мышца;
• pectoralis major — большая грудная мышца;
• minor muscle — трёхглавая мышца;
• rhomboid muscle — ромбовидная мышца;
• lats — широчайшие мышцы спины;
• (external, internal) oblique — (наружная, внутренняя) косая мышца живота;
• rectus abdominis — прямая мышца живота;
• abs — мышцы брюшного пресса;
• (maximus, medius, minimus) glute / gluteal muscle — большая средняя малая ягодичная мышца;
• quadriceps — четырёхглавая мышца бедра, квадрицепс;
• hamstrings — мышцы задней поверхности бедра;
• semitendinosus — полусухожильная мышца;
• semimembranosus — полуперепончатая мышца;
• soleus — камбаловидная мышца;
• gastrocnemius — икроножная мышца;
• rectus femoris — прямая мышца бедра;
• vastus medialis — медиальная широкая мышца бедра;
• vastus lateralis — латеральная широкая мышца бедра;
• vastus intermedius — промежуточная широкая мышца бедра;
• flexor — мышца-сгибатель;
• extensor — мышца-разгибатель.

Части тела

• neck — шея;
• back — спина;
• shoulder — плечо;
• arm — рука;
• chest — грудная клетка;
• humer(o)us — плечевая кость;
• rib — ребро;
• femur — бедренная кость;
• femoris — бедро;
• calf — икра ноги.